Challenge Yourself with Advanced Core Workouts

General fitness requires a strong core. It provides stability and better posture while protecting your back during workout and daily activities. After a few crunches and planks, your core may want more. Complex core workouts help here. These activities challenge your core muscles beyond their comfort zones, strengthening them.  This improves athletic performance, balance, and midsection tone.

Improve Core with Complex Exercises

Core workouts should focus on form and technique before progressing to harder programs. Master hollow body grips, dead bugs, and planks before going on. Always value quality over quantity! Let’s look at some harder core workouts to increase your training.

Weighted Plank Variations

Planks are essential, but weight makes them harder. Try a high plank with a dumbbell in each hand. For more challenge, try walking planks, where you alternately move one hand a few inches forward.

Leg-raising Hollow Rock

Hollow rock requires core strength and control. Raise your shoulders and legs slightly while lying on your back with your lower back against the floor. To make it harder, raise and drop one leg at a time in the hollow rock position.

Ab Wheels Rollouts

Ab wheel rollouts train upper abs well. Kneel and roll out slowly with the ab wheel, keeping your core firm. Roll out as far as possible with correct form, then slowly return to your starting position.

Dragon Flags

Dragon flags are a tough core and stability workout. Just your upper back should rest on the bench while you lie straight from head to heels. Drop to the floor carefully with a straight torso and firm core. Relax and return to your starting point.

Hip Dips, Side Planks

Core stability and obliques are strengthened by this workout. In side plank, place your elbow immediately below your shoulder. Return your hips to the beginning position cautiously after elevating them. Stay opposite.


V-ups combine crunches and leg raises for a full core workout. Lying on your back, extend your arms and legs. Reach your fingertips to your toes while raising your legs and upper body off the floor. Return to the start gently.

Medicine Ball Slams

Medicine ball slams boost core power and explosiveness. Holding a medicine ball, keep your feet shoulder-width apart. After slamming the ball into the ground in front of you, retrieve it and start again.

Dangling Leg Raises

This activity requires a pull-up bar. Stay straight and hang from the bar. Keep your core engaged as you slowly raise your legs to hip level. Lower your legs back down in a controlled manner


With constant practice and these advanced core activities, you may build a strong, defined midsection. Remember, consistency matters! Add these rigorous workouts to your regimen and gradually increase the effort to improve your fitness and core strength. Thus, don your workout gear, take the challenge, and prepare to improve your core.